If you have observed that you are getting a little uneven scalp or that your hairline is looking different than usual, don’t be afraid of it – nowadays it’s common for all. Not only are you the one who suffers from hair loss, Nearly 60% of men and 45% of women experience this hair loss problem at any point in their lives. Some people will not even consider it at all and live their lives happily, but not everyone will take this in the same way. Most people take this as an extremely stressful situation, which leads to a loss of self-esteem and self-confidence. The hair restoration technique in which hair is transplanted is the best option in this condition if you are looking for a permanent solution. Yet, here are a few things to consider before deciding to use this hair restoration technique are as follows:

Best Hair Transplant in Gujarat

1. Are you a good Candidate

This will be determined primarily by the cause of hair loss and whether your primary goal is to retain or restore hair. Mostly, men experiencing the major problem of hair loss, which is called male pattern baldness, AKA Androgenetic alopecia, are considered the main culprits. In this condition, hair loss occurs due to genetics. The restoration of done by this hair transplantation technique gives the best result when it is successfully done. One thing you must understand is that the hair transplant cannot guarantee the existing hair. It is progressive hair loss pattern when comes to young patient, wanted to go through the hair transplant, extra care should have to taken for protecting the existing hair using non-surgical modalities after the hair transplant.
Your candidacy for this procedure may depend upon the quality and availability of your hair in the donor area. Also the patients have to match their treatment expectations with the possible outcome after doing hair transplantation.

2. Do you have an idea about non-surgical hair transplantation?

Non-surgical hair transplantation has achieved more successful results at the early stage of hair loss. Many patients come to us for hair transplantation, but after accessing their condition, we will recommend the non-surgical method to start instead of the hair transplantation technique. Finasteride tablets, which strengthen the hair and prevent further hair loss, and Minoxidil applied to the scalp for hair loss stabilization are very effective treatments that are used in conjunction with PRP therapy for many patients.

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, abbreviated as PRP therapy, is an excellent option for retaining existing hair, improving its quality, and promoting new hair growth by activating dormant hair roots.

3. Do you have an idea about a hair transplant clinic?

We have heard about horror stories and botched cases of patients who have undergone hair transplantation in such hair transplant clinics due to the attraction of the discount and lowest prices. Patient has undergone such a cheap treatment just to save the money. In several clinics, they are uncontrollable and stuffed with minimally trained technicians instead of qualified surgeons. Potentially, people will leave with unsatisfactory results and permanent damage.

You have to make sure that your hair transplant surgeon is the one who consults you, should do the hair transplant operation for you, and have to consult on your recovery at the follow-up visits. This will be very helpful and important to ensure good treatment results. Also, you should have seen the before and after results of the patients that your surgeon operated on. Make sure that your surgeon should have asked the patients about their experience, recovery, and post-surgery clinic response is the factors which are essential for searching for the best hair transplant clinic.

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4. Do you know about the post-transplant recovery process well?

The popular belief that hair transplantation is a minimally incursive, day-care procedure with minimal down-time Mostly, people were comfortable returning to their work 3-5 days after the hair transplantation. People will experience the tenderness and swelling of the scalp for 48 hours, but it is minimal and there is nothing to worry about.

It is very important to be aware that the result of the hair transplantation will not be immediate. 4-6 weeks of shedding is normal, where the patients will notice some of the new hair falling out. You will be able to notice new hair growth three to four months after the surgery, and after 12–15 months, you will see the full results.

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