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Almost all men will experience some degree of hair loss. The decade of life roughly predicts the percent of men that display visible thinning of the hair. Up to 30% of 30 year olds, 50% of 50 year olds, and 80% of 80 year olds have visible hair loss.The underlying cause of male hair loss is most often due to Male Pattern Hair Loss also known as Androgenic Alopecia. The hairline and vertex (bald-spot) hairs are very sensitive to Testosterone and DHT – the major male androgen hormones. Over time, these hairs “miniaturize” and then are lost. The fringe hair remains as the genetics of these hairs are distinct and these hairs are more androgen insensitive. Hair restoration focuses on re-establishing a natural looking hairline and improving overall hair density.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Transplant is a surgery that involves only the skin of the scalp. It doesn’t go below the skin or come in contact with any part of the brain.

Nowadays it is a 100% painless procedure, subjected to the local anaesthesia, And if it is being done at the right clinic and by the right doctor.

Transplanted hair remains forever the life if transferred from the safe donor area.

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