Hair is very much essential in setting the looks and personality of an individual. This is the reason why people worry much when they notice excess hair fall. Losing of hair to some extent is normal but when this increases it becomes a reason for discomfort in men and women. Hair loss concerns male and females equally and they search for the solution. The solution to hair loss can be PRP Hai Transplant For Male & Female.

PRP treatment is powerful hair loss treatment and it has acted as a permanent solution for many with excessive hair fall. PRP reacts as a proactive therapeutic option for both male and female patients who wish to get stimulation of hair growth for typical hair loss situations. It is a direct process that yields best results in several cases and when a patient goes for PRP Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad it is sure that he or she will get desired results.

Hair Loss Treatments (Surgical) For Women - Dr. Hidayad Memon in South Bopal

PRP is a non-surgical remedial option that achieves stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions with one’s own blood. In PRP, the doctor takes little blood and then to obtain PRP, the patient’s blood is spun in a centrifuge. In a centrifuge, solid part of blood is separated from liquid components so as to obtain the enriched cells or platelets. This highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma with essential growth proteins is injected into the areas to be treated using a special micro needle.

The PRP treatment works on the fact that blood plasma (PRP) contains active growth portions which can improve hair growth. When this PRP is inserted into the recipient area, it promotes blood vessel growth and helps in the formation of new cellular growth of hairs.

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