Hair loss is very tough in female than the male because the hair is the identity and hair loss is considered as the traumatic experience for them.

Hair loss is a major problem for women. Hair loss in women happens due to various psychological and physiological problems. It can be changed into worries and scary experiences and this can occur to women at any age. Hair restoration technique is the best option for hair loss problem.

In Women hair becomes the main source of attraction so every woman desires beautiful hair. Still, the point is that when women lose their hair, they are particularly affected by the problem of hair loss. At this time the only alternative is the hair loss treatment because that will protect from the baldness. Once the hair is taught only for men, those days were gone. Nowadays the hair transplant technique is done also for the women for recovery their hair loss and tackles baldness.

The hair loss treatment has no difference for men and women. Therefore same treatment is used for both of them. Thus in the procedure the hair transplant surgeon extract the hair follicles from the donor and make implant them on the recipient area on the scalp by the tiny incisions.

Natural hairline hair transplant in Ahmedabad

The hair transplant procedure is based on the hair loss experience by women. Some forms of the hair loss problems in women are:

  1. Female pattern baldness.
  2. Traction alopecia.
  3. Alopecia developed after a trauma or surgery.
  4. Scarring Alopecia.

Clion Care has developed the most advanced technology to manage women’s hair loss problems. In the research of this technique, they took the help of the professional team and made it successful in availing of a unique, unparalleled, and comprehensive range of hair restoration techniques.

Selecting the best candidate for the female hair loss treatment?

According to the knowledge of the experts a very small percentage of women candidates undergo the hair transplant surgery. Mostly about 2% to 5% of the hair loss problem will benefit from this technique. They are:

  • Women who were suffering from hair loss problems due to mechanical or traction alopecia.
  • Women who have previously undergone plastic and cosmetic surgery are concerned about hair loss around the incision sites.
  • Women with a distinct pattern of baldness are similar to the male pattern of baldness. They are vertex thinning, hairline recession, and a donor area not affected by androgenic alopecia.
  • Women’s hair loss problems due to trauma, a burned area, scary accidents, and chemical burns.
  • Women with alopecia marginalis, which looks similar to traction alopecia.

Conditions for hair transplantation in women:

  • Alopecia is used if the hair loss happens due to burns, surgery, or trauma.
  • Advanced pattern of female baldness, which cannot be cured by regular medicine.
  • Alopecia, which is scarring, has stabilized after twelve months.
  • Eyebrow and eyelash restoration.
  • Alopecia traction

Techniques used for hair transplantation in females

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

FUE is one of the hair transplantation techniques which are most preferred for the restoration of hair in cases where a lower number of grafts are required. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted from the donor by the specialized extraction method. Then the follicles are then transferred into the recipient area in which a small incision is made. After this, the follicular grafts were implanted in groups of four in one pattern.

What is the main reason for the hair loss problem in women?

The most common reasons are female pattern alopecia which causes the hair loss. It is caused due to reduction of female estrogen.

One of the major causes for hair loss problem is physical stress like surgeries, anemia, menopause and childbirth. Emotional pressure is caused due to pressure of the work, anxiety, and bereavement leads to hair loss.

Since the hair has the major role in day to day life we should have to take care of hair by selecting the particular diet or medication.

Effects of hair fall:

The overall density of the hair will diminish; they will start to shed more than usual. The hair fibers start to become thin and weak, and the scalp roots get delicate.

Advantages of hair loss treatment in women:

  • It gives a permanent solution to hair loss in women.
  • This result gives us the natural look.
  • Different kinds of treatments are used in increasing the strength of the hair and its volume.
  • It restores the beauty of the women, which increases their confidence.

Why have you chosen Clion Care for female hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation in women comes with its own intrinsic challenges. It’s the best challenge for our surgeon, who has produced the best results. Our clinic has well-specialized doctors and advanced tools for hair transplantation.