Hair Transplant Cost for Female in India

The procedure of hair transplant in women doesn’t have a major difference from that of men. So, it is a procedure wherein the hair transplant surgeon takes out hair follicles from the donor area and implants them into the tiny scratch made in the recipient area on the scalp. Often, FUE techniques are used for Hair Transplant for Females in India. Though scalp hair is important to both men and women, it doesn’t hurt the same way when it is diminishing out. Every woman needs beautiful hair; still, there comes the point when she begins hair Loss. Women are mainly affected by hair loss because it is a source of magnetism.
Hair Transplant for Females in Gurukul, Ahmedabad

At that time, the only option that can protect women from baldness is hair transplant treatment. Now, hair transplants are also available for women to recover their losing hair and tackle hair loss.

Regrow Hair Clinic gives women a chance to recover their hair by undergoing a female hair transplant in India. Regrow Hair Clinic is famous for providing reliable, advanced, and most desired hair transplant in India.

At Regrow, we have a team of experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeons in India. Our team, with the help of advanced techniques, has successfully transplanted over 6 million hair implants.

Hair Transplant in women doesn’t vary from that of men. So, it is a process where hair is removed from the donor area and implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient area on the scalp. There are two techniques used, i.e. FUT and FUE. The hair transplant technique is chosen depending on the type of hair loss a woman is affected by.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Transplant

1. Is it true the hair transplant effects are permanent?
A hair transplant has the prospective to last a lifetime. The degree of hair loss may affect the durability of a hair transplant. Some patients may need one more hair transplantation to maintain the preferred hair density.
2. What would one expect after a hair transplant procedure?
Within a few months, the patient should see new hair growth. After six to nine months, most patients will familiarity 60 percent hair re growth.
3. How long would it take to recover from a hair transplant?
Three to five days after a hair transplant, most people can continue normal activities. The fixed hair would fall out three or four weeks after the transplantation.
4. Is it painful to get a hair transplant?
The patient would not feel any discomfort during the process after receiving local anesthesia and intravenous sedation.
5. What is the female hair transplant cost at Regrow hair clinic?
In female hair transplant treatment, the cost will be the same as other hair transplant treatment. But the hair graft requirements will be less in case you are availing eyebrow hair transplant.
In that case, the cause of hair transplant will also be less than the other treatments. We will charge near about Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 for each hair implant.