Side effects

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASPS) say that hair transplants are usually safe when a practiced, experienced surgeon performs them. though, even with successful hair transplants, some side effects can happen.


Hair transplants engage making cuts in the skin. A surgeon makes an cut to remove the donor follicles, and they make tiny cut on the scalp in which to place the follicles. With any cut, there is a risk of infection or extreme bleeding.


There is also a risk of mark on both the donor area and the area of the transplant. A person should speak with their surgeon about these risks before they make a decision to have the process.

The FUE method may also leave some mark in the area where the surgeon removed the follicles with the punch tool. However, these mark may not be as large as the mark from FUSS.

In some cases, a person may have lift up bump around the transplanted hair. As the hair grows back, it may hide these bumps.

Pain & swelling

Some people may experience pain as their skin repair after the procedure. Their surgeon may give them with pain Killer to help with this. They may also have some swelling in the head & face as the skin cure.