What is Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment?

BIO-FUE is the latest advanced Procedure for hair transplantation. The technique uses the FUE procedure to achieve the targets expected at in a hair restoration procedure. The Bio Fue technique for hair transplant is generally an improvement technique that revolves around FUE hair transplant. The technique has no limitations and it can be used by both men and women to restore hair when it is healthier and in the less time.

BIO FUE transplant in India is performing with high creativity which helps in bio-stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles. At the end, the patient gets the best results because regenerative cells fasten the healing procedure and help one to get a better density.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment in Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

What is Bio FUE Hair Transplantation Process?

In the first step, the doctor first draw a small amount of blood from the patient’s body and afterward stores the infused regenerative cell in a laboratory by passing it through a centrifuge to separate it from the blood. For the meantime, blood is doubled. One layer contains regenerative cells and blood, while the other is the layer of regenerative cells taken. After removing blood from the donor area, the doctor injects it into the area to be transplant. On the other hand, the operation is providing with faster, healthy, and natural hair growth with the least pain, pain, scars.


BIO FUE is a complicated hair transplant procedure which is also a mixture of two procedures. That means that BIO-FUE cost in India is determined by many factors, some include the number of hair grafts required and the clinic you visit. Let’s look at the possible cost :

NO. of hair graftsCost per graftService TaxTotal costIn case of extra charges
1000 and lessRS.40RS.5000RS.46,000RS.5,000

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