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Clions approach is to match each patient’s individual needs with the best possible treatments.

Here at Clion Care clinic, you’ll find the reason we have such satisfied patients is because of our patient - first philosophy.

Why Choose Clion:

Hair Transplant done by MS/MD/DDV Doctors. Certified.

We use a patented mechanized extractor that can place 3000 to 5000 hairs in a single sitting.

Special procedure to implant hair follicles, to create natural looking Hairline & avoid pitting.

Our technique is highly efficient and precise - minimal scarring.

Clion Care implants about 60-70 hairs per which is vital for a high-density end result.

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The Significant Advantages

The transplanted hair will grow after 2-3 months and blend in with the rest on the scalp.

No-Shave option available on consultation with the doctor.

Quick recovery time - Both implanted and donor areas.

Routine hair care, styling, colouring can be done. Life is normal.

“It’s only been a few months since my hair transplant and I am already seeing quite an improvement. Thank you Clion for helping me look my best.”

Deep Vyas

“You can already see the growth. It’ll take about 3 months for you to really see it, and a year for it to all come in. You can already see the growth.”

Ravi Suthar

“ The procedure went very smoothly with no issues. Always made sure I was good and didn’t have any problems. I def would highly recommend him for anything you would need help with!””

Yashwardhan Rathore

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the truth

Hair Transplant Myth :

Hair Transplant is a surgery that involves only the skin of the scalp. It doesn’t go below the skin or come in contact with any part of the brain.

Nowadays it is a 100% painless procedure, subjected to the local anesthesia, And if it is
being done at the right clinic and by the right doctor.

Transplanted hair remains forever the life if transferred from the safe donor area.

New hair will not grow from the point of extraction.

No medication or maintenance is required for the transplanted hair, as these are not prone to
the activities of DHT hormones which triggers hair fall.

there is no scientific proof to have cancer by hair transplant.

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